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  • Namita Pawa

Meet the Team: Namita

My name is Namita Pawa and I am the Managing Director of Hallinan Blackburn Gittings & Nott.

I became Managing Director in February 2022 following the retirement of Colin Nott. Colin was at the helm of the firm for many years and invited me to join him as his partner in 2016. Learning from the very best at the top of his game has been a real privilege for me.

Now, I lead the firm into its next chapter, closely following the ethos that made the firm what it is today, but also developing and adapting to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape within which we work. My vision for the firm is to maintain, and even exceed, the very highest standards of client care for which the firm has become renowned over many decades.

One always hopes one will never need the services of a criminal defence solicitor, but if that situation ever arises, the information we provide will help you to understand the process and to make informed decisions for yourself about representation.

Alongside this, I have a broader vision, of reaching more people and providing advice and information to them when they need it. This stems from the tragic events surrounding the death of Sarah Everard following her compliance with a police officer’s request to stop. I was shocked to discover that the vast majority of my friends did not know what their rights were, and what they should do in similar circumstances.

I strongly believe that every person should know their rights and the more I can empower individuals with information, the more this reduces the risk of a similar occurrence, even if by fractions. To achieve this, I have dedicated this section of our website to provide information, in a straightforward and easy to understand manner about; our legal system, processes, procedure, the law and our own commentary on topical issues.


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