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Victims of Crime

As a victim of crime, you may find that you do not want to go to the police initially. We can assist with identifying the offences committed and helping you prepare a witness statement for submission to the police.


It is acknowledged that the police are stretched thin and therefore have limited resources available to take down all information that might be needed in an investigation. We have extensive experience in assisting clients with preparing a witness statement on their behalf before a matter is reported to the police. This often involves obtaining and gathering as much information as possible about what has happened, looking at documents and any other material in support. Collating all the information into a witness statement, which explains clearly and concisely details about the offence that has been committed. 


As criminal defence lawyers, we are uniquely positioned to know where gaps are often exploited and as such, we can ensure those potential gaps are addressed in the witness statement. 


Once the statement is finalised, we can then assist you with submission to the police and are on hand to assist as the process unfolds. 

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