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General Advisory

General Advisory

We are often approached by clients who want general advice.  This may be in relation to a criminal investigation they are the subject of or in fact how to protect their own position if someone close to them is the subject of an investigation or prosecution.  We also advise individuals and companies in ensuring that they are fully compliant with various legal requirements.  This includes the Money Laundering Regulations, risk, data protection, fraud prevention and health and safety to name a few. 

Whatever the query is, we do our best to assist by providing concise and accurate advice

We often represent those that wish to make a complaint to the Police but understand the time pressures the Police are under. As a result, we step in to assist in preparation of the witness statement setting out the complaint in full and gather evidence that will be of assistance during the course of the investigation. This is then presented to the Police to move forward with the investigation.

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