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"A highly respected and very experienced Solicitor"  

Notable Cases

Colin Nott

“One of the best and most experienced Solicitors in the country”

(Judge in a murder case, 2013)

Colin has extensive expertise both as a highly experienced and leading criminal defence lawyer plus importantly as a ‘top drawer’ advocate in the Magistrates’ Court. He also appears frequently before various regulatory bodies. He has specialist experience at the highest level of criminal litigation and has not only dealt with but continues to represent many high-profile clients with the utmost professionalism.

Colin’s experience encompasses absolutely every aspect of criminal litigation and in particular fraud, regulatory breaches, corruption, murder, tax evasion, extradition and cartels. He is therefore well acquainted with the way in which matters are prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office the Crown Prosecution Service, Financial Conduct Authority, the National Crime Agency and Trading Standards.

Colin also has a niche practice in ‘sensitive’ areas falling under the umbrella of criminal law. He has a firm view about matters being resolved through pragmatism, a deft touch and persuasive manner without recourse to full court proceedings. He is regarded as a man to whom to go. In the recent past he has developed particular skills in dealing with disciplinary and sexual issues arising in schools and universities. These are to say the least finely nuanced.


In terms of advocacy “the gutsy Colin Nott is admired by his peers because he never shirks away from the front foot”. 

During this thriving career Colin has served on and chaired numerous committees relating to provisions of criminal law and advice and most recently served as a committee member relating to the implementation of the Serious Fraud Panel. He has also been involved in providing advice on the criminal law for those involved in television and radio production.

On a number of occasions in the recent past he has addressed local courts, panels and Magistrates’ relating to extradition in the particular and the implementation of various aspects of criminal law.

Away from work Colin is very interested in sport in particular rugby, football, competitiveness and winning.


R v J – Murder: Central Criminal Court
Represented one of four defendants charged with the murder of a youth in central London. Following conviction had conduct of a successful appeal and retrial resulting in an acquittal.


R v Q - Administering a noxious substance: Southwark Crown Court
Successful acquittal.


R v J - Conspiracy to supply drugs: Woolwich Crown Court
Conspiracy to supply a large quantity of cocaine. Successful acquittal.


R v H – Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court
Successful acquittal on racially aggravated conduct at a leading football match.
Major involvement in operations Weeting, Elevden and Yewtree which related to phone hacking of personalities in the public eye, police corruption and historic sexual offences.


R v J – Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court
Endanger safety aircraft. Suspended sentence of imprisonment.


R v M – Kidnapping: Isleworth Crown Court

Representation of party in criminal investigation resulting in no further action being taken.
In the past two years numerous successful results in representing parties in criminal investigations which resulted in no further action being taken.



R v S & C – Southampton Crown Court
Trading standards breaches of £1,000,000. Successful representation regarding confiscation.

R v S – Nottingham Crown Court
Successful representation regarding allegation HMRC fraud £60,000,000.

R v Z – Trading Standards
Prosecution of a major lighting company. Successful representations made resulting in no criminal prosecutions.

R v W & P
Criminal breach of planning permission. Successful representation made resulting in no criminal prosecution.

Solicitor’s Regulation Authority v Y
Representation of Solicitor facing serious disciplinary proceedings. Suspension only.


R v L – Westminster Magistrates’ Court

Extradition to Germany in relation to an allegation of VAT fraud. Successful representations regarding the validity of the warrant.

R v U & Others - Westminster Magistrates’ Court

Extradition to Rwanda in relation to allegations of genocide. Successful representation of party following which a new warrant was issued and a further success on their behalf in the High Court.

R v W – Court of Appeal

Cartel proceedings in USA and United Kingdom. Successful outcome in both countries.



De Menezes

Successful representation of interested party.


Successful representation of interested party.

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