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What is fraud?

It is a generic word used to describe a type of criminal activity in which one makes a gain for oneself or causes another to suffer a loss dishonestly. This can be done by making a false representation, abusing a position of trust or by failing to disclose information. The type of gain or loss depends on the nature, size and scope of the dishonesty.



What types of frauds are there?

The list is endless but includes white collar and financial crime to carousel frauds, mortgage frauds, benefit frauds, boiler room fraud, money laundering and bribery and corruption to name a few.

Who investigates and prosecutes?

Cases that fall under this heading are often investigated and prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Serious Fraud Office (SFO), National Crime Agency (NCA), His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  We have a wealth of experience dealing with each of these agencies.


Restraint Orders

Investigations into serious fraud often have Restraint Orders linked to them. These can be very restricting and the requirements to comply with them can be particularly onerous. We are there every step of the way with our clients to guide them through this aspect of the investigation.

Our Expertise

Having been a member of the Specialist Fraud Panel since its inception, our experience is unrivalled and the quality of advice and representation is first rate. Investigations that fall under this heading are complex in nature and involve thousands of pages of evidence.  Our team has an ability to assimilate vast quantities of information so that it can be discussed and explained to our clients in a way that is straightforward to understand. Whilst fraud cases are often wide ranging, they can be broken into key areas that we focus on in turn.  This makes the process less daunting for our clients and ensures that every aspect is covered. Fraud cases often have an international dimension and we are alive to the issues that may arise and ensure that they are dealt with effectively.


We are currently involved in multiple serious fraud cases which include the largest insider trading fraud that has been prosecuted to date and the investigation into the LIBOR manipulation.

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