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  • Tess McCarthy

Meet the Team: Tess

I joined Hallinans as a Paralegal in December 2023. I have worked in the criminal justice system, specifically in criminal defence, for a number of years as a Legal Secretary, Paralegal, and police station representative. Through this, I have gained experience in the simplest and most complex cases at every stage of criminal proceedings.

For my undergraduate degree I studied Law at Queen Mary University of London while working as a pub supervisor in a traditional South London pub. During university I took a particular interest in health law, and received a department award for two research papers that explored medico-legal issues surrounding women’s health. I also volunteered with the Freedom Law Clinic, undertaking research on cases submitted to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

I went on to achieve a distinction on the Bar Course at BPP University in Holborn alongside my work as a paralegal, and was then Called to the Bar in March 2023.

Having gained valuable experience in Court procedure, I wanted to know more about the instigation of proceedings at the police station. Therefore, in December 2022 I began the Police Station Accreditation through Cardiff University. I can now advise and assist clients at arguably the most pivotal point in their cases, and at a stage which often has relevance throughout proceedings and beyond the police station interview.

My move to Hallinans brings new beginnings in somewhat familiar territory, where I will cross-qualify as a solicitor. I will then be in a position to use my experience to prepare, advise on, and advocate for clients’ cases from the police station to the Magistrates’ Court and beyond.

I am a firm believer that everyone deserves access to an equally informed and balanced experience when facing criminal proceedings. Becoming the best equipped I can to provide that is what has always driven and directed my career.


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