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Road Traffic & Motoring Offences

We help people who face the loss of their licence and its significant consequences for minor infringements and are frequently instructed in 'hardship cases'.


We represent clients in court or instruct counsel where more suitable and we have access to all the necessary resources to maintain an up-to-date command of the relevant legislation and developments in case-law.


In many cases, public funding "legal aid" is not available notwithstanding the complexity of the issues arising; we will always endeavour to provide an excellent service at competitive rates.  




We have good relationships with experts who are leaders in their fields on various issues relating to road traffic matters.  These include intoxication, back calculations, accident investigations and other areas which arise.


Special Reasons


We have extensive experience in preparing and conducting "special reasons" hearings and are regularly instructed in such matters.  We have handled cases involving all the main aspects of shortness of distance, emergency situations and "spiked drinks".  We have met with considerable success in such cases.




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Road Traffic


Our expertise


This firm has extensive experience in assisting clients who face prosecution for offences under the road traffic legislation, an area of law which is increasingly complex and far-reaching.


This encompasses the most serious offences including fatal accidents and charges of dangerous driving, matters of driving or using vehicles with excess alcohol or under the influence of drugs (prescribed medications as well as 'controlled' drugs), driving when subject to court disqualification and cases where the issues involve highly technical aspects of the law relating to driving licences and insurance policies.



There are many offences that fall under this category.  They include:


  • Driving under the influence of drugs

  • Excess alcohol

  • Speeding

  • No driving licence

  • No valid insurance

  • Dangerous driving

  • Driving whilst disqualified

  • Death by careless/dangerous driving

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