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Nick Gay


Nick Gay is our senior litigator with in excess of 40 years' experience in criminal litigation and more than 25 years' experience in serious and major fraud cases.


Nick is a fully-accredited police station representative with substantial experience in representing clients in difficult situations where his calm yet robust approach is highly appreciated.


He has conduct of many of our major "project cases" and has been described as "the best preparer of fraud briefs in the business", having extensive experience in serious fraud cases, money laundering and major crime.  He has undertaken many VAT and excise duty frauds and conducted the defence of “K” in the renowned "Harrovian Case", said at the time to have been the largest mortgage fraud in English legal history. He also has rare experience of Serious Fraud Office investigations, having assisted a number of suspects in the SFO’s Al Yamamah enquiry, and also has considerable experience of confiscation proceedings.  This, alongside his knowledge of conduct in murder, rape and robbery cases holds all clients in good stead.


Away from work Nick enjoys spending time with his family, theatre, motor sports and travel.

R v S - Mortage fraud - St Albans Crown Court

£2m mortgage fraud perpetrated by a series of firms of solicitors.


R v C - Boiler room fraud - St Albans Crown Court

£1m Boiler room fraud involving the sale of en primeur wines as investments to high net worth individuals.


R v T - Investor fraud - Southwark Crown Court

SFO prosecution of individual who had defrauded high net worth, sophisticated investors through a “medium term note” investment scheme.


R v B - VAT fraud - Kingston Crown Court

HMRC prosecution of an individual in £2.7m VAT fraud.


R v B - VAT fraud - Birmingham Crown Court

HMRC prosecution of an individual allegedly at the centre of a massive ring of VAT fraud gangs, the proceeds of which were laundered around the world.


R v B - Insider trading fraud - Southwark Crown Court

FCA prosecution in a major “insider trading” and money laundering case.


R v C - Mortgage fraud - Southwark Crown Court

£2.5m mortgage fraud perpetrated by the principals in a Sussex conveyancing pratice.


R v A - Mortgage fraud/Money Laundering - Southwark Crown Court

A 10 week trial in respect of a £2m mortgage fraud and money laundering cases linked to organised crime.


R v C - Expenses fraud - Chelmsford Crown Court

Senior public servant in alleged, major breach of trust in defrauding employer of expenses, acquitted of all 30 counts.


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Nick Gay

Senior Legal Executive

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