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Recent Cases


R v A & M - 2015 - Southwark Crown Court

Partial acquittals and hung jury following a 10 week trial in multi-handed multi-million pound mortgage fraud.


R v Z - 2015 - Southwark Crown Court

House of Commons employee pleaded guilty to being in possession of a counterfeit passport. Exceptional result of a suspended sentence.


R v P - 2015 - St Albans Crown Court

Ongoing representation in an alleged VAT fraud in relation to high end luxury vehicles.


R v J - 2015 - Kingston Crown Court

Client accused of multiple historic assaults and abuse allegations going back 20 years including offences committed abroad.


R v D - 2014 - Southwark Crown Court

Best present for the client at Christmas being acquitted on a large scale private investment wine fraud.


R v O - Murder - 2014 - Winchester Crown Court

We represented a young man charged with execution by shooting of a rival drug dealer in the South of England.


R v H – Murder 2014 - Central Criminal Court

We acted for a young man who was one of five charged with offences of murder and violent disorder.  He was charged only three months prior to the trial of the co-accused and the case had to be prepared under extreme pressures of time.  Our client was acquitted of all charges against him.


Mark Duggan Inquest - 2014

We were involved in this inquest which was an investigation into the shooting of Mark Duggan, the incident which led to the London riots in 2011.



Press Release - Our Client: John Davidson


After a five year investigation initiated at the dispatch box, there has been a finding of no evidence against him, relating not only to criminal conduct but also general misconduct in this prolonged matter. We recognise that the process of inquiry is rigorous, thorough and desirable in the interests of justice. Nevertheless, reputational damage can be irreversible. Whilst our client has remained positive throughout as to his innocence, the investigation has induced in him a state of hopelessness and despair, compelling him to live in a continued position of anxiety and insecurity. The penumbra of uncertainty has now been removed and Mr Davidson simply wishes to continue with his life unencumbered but ever mindful of the tragedy this has been for the family of Stephen Lawrence.


Colin Nott

Hallinan Blackburn Gittings & Nott LLP

Solicitors to Mr Davidson

3 July 2019