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What is an Inquest?


An inquest is a fact finding legal investigation that is conducted by a coroner and in certain circumstances in front of a jury. The purpose of the inquest is to determine the identification of the person that died, the time, location, circumstances and what caused the death.


An inquest only takes place in circumstances when the death was violent or unnatural, if the person was in prison or police custody or if the cause of death is still unknown after a post mortem.





Some of the inquests in which we have been involved include:

  • Mark Duggan

  • Jean Charles de Menezes

  • Stephen Port (current)



Our expertise


We have represented various individuals who have been named as an ‘interested person’ in very high profile inquests. The inquest process can often be very long and stressful but with the wealth of experience we have, we can reassure clients of the procedure and possible outcomes.

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