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Individual & Corporate

Police Station


We are available to represent you at the police station at anytime of the day or night 365 days a year.  We understand that being interviewed is a daunting experience and we do everything possible to ensure that we are always proactive and robust in defending our clients; our aim is for a positive outcome for each client but we will always be honest with our advice.  That is a trait that clients appreciate and have come to expect from us.  


Youth Court


Young people that are dealt with in the Youth Court require a solicitor who has an ability to quickly develop a rapport.  This is a specialist area and our team has the experience needed to represent young people who find themselves facing criminal allegations or requiring advice.


Magistrates' Court


Certain types of offences can only be dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court and for other offences you can choose to have your case dealt with in the Magistrates or the Crown Court.  We will advise you every step of the way.  We ensure first rate representation for all clients and our experience over many decades means that we are highly successful.


Crown Court


Our case preparation is first rate.  We will not leave any stone unturned and go out of our way to ensure that all aspects are covered. We are experts in disclosure and know the rights of defendants and the duties of the prosecution.


We know that with over 4,000 criminal barristers available, we will choose the right one for each client and their specific case and needs.  That way we ensure you have a rounded approach and our focus is very much on teamwork.



We regularly advise individuals that have been convicted and want a second opinion on whether there are any grounds of appeal available in relation to conviction and/or sentence.  


Restraint Orders


Investigations into serious acquisitive offences including serious fraud and drugs often result in restraint orders being made against defendants.  These are onerous and are oftern referred to as Draconian.   We will assist our clients to comply with them and to respond to them, making applications to the court to amend or discharge them as appropriate.




For those clients whose cases result in a conviction for specific offences, the Prosecution may pursue proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. The proceedings investigate the financial circumstances and alleged ‘benefit’ from both the particular and general criminal conduct that led to the conviction.  These proceedings are designed to recover money and assets and can have devastating effects on the defendants and their family and friends.  We are masters at negotiation always with the client’s best interests at heart to ensure the best outcome.  This is reflected in the number of referrals we receive from those that have been represented by other firms and request us to deal with the confiscation element of their case.





Our expertise


We are the go-to criminal law firm in London.  The depth and breadth of experience we have with the staff at this practice ensure that you will have the highest quality representation from your first contact with us.  


We know that being investigated in relation to a criminal allegation can be a frightening experience but we will guide you through every step of the process.  


Criminal law covers a multitude of offences and can be dealt with at multiple venues. The work covers all cases from investigations at the police station through to prosecutions in the Magistrates' and Crown Court, High Court and appeals in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.  We have dealt with all cases from minor road traffic allegations through to sex offences, robbery, drugs, fraud and murder.


We represent people from all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities and gender.

The range of criminal offences upon which we advise and represent clients include but are not limited to the following:

  • Corporate Crime

  • Homicide including murder & manslaughter

  • Serious fraud

  • Robbery, theft & other offences of dishonesty

  • Drug offences from simple possession to large scale importation of all classes

  • Sexual offences

  • Road traffic offences

  • Firearms & offensive weapons




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